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There is no obstacle too great for your mind to conquer.

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Everything from the perfect weight to connecting with the love that lasts a lifetime is available. YOU can literally have anything you want.

Spontaneous healing is real. You have the power to experience it!

If you come prepared with an open mind, a desire to heal, and unwavering confidence, you will succeed. Deep healing is yours. 

This therapy is profound, thorough, and fast! You WILL have a complete understanding of what has been holding you back and the tools to catapult yourself into the life you always wanted.

Liberate yourself from the shackles of outdated beliefs and habits that no longer and will never serve you.

It’s called Full-Spectrum Therapy™ 

Working in your timeline, you will understand everything about what’s been stopping you for years and then physically change your brain by creating newly updated neuropathways.


What makes Full-Spectrum Therapy™ so different and successful?

Full-Spectrum Therapy™ works with every element of your psyche. Through regression therapy, you will safely and calmly review events that have anchored your limiting beliefs. Using these events as a framework, methods based on science are used to untangle imbalances in the senses of safety, intimacy, self-esteem, self-love, love, communication, imagination, intuition, and finally, higher consciousness and divine connection. When all these elements of your being are balanced, and past hurts are calmed and released, profound transformation occurs. The number one job of your mind is to keep you safe and on this planet. Period. Your mind does not care if you are happy, in love, successful, and, believe it or not, and it doesn’t even care if you are healthy. Your mind loves homeostasis and will pull out all the stops to keep that in place. Therefore, change is so difficult. You must enlist the mind for change to occur Full-Spectrum Therapy™ creates a new logic for the mind to accept. Working with the higher consciousness ensures this new logic is perfectly aligned with your best and highest good.

WHY Hypnotherapy?

Because making an effort to put new habits in place needs support, and not everyone has the luxury or desire to spend years in therapy.

Hypnotherapy is an advanced way to change your brain quickly, easily, safely, and gently. 

WHY Akashic Records?

This takes all the guesswork out of the process. There is no interpretation of the truth; there is only Truth when working in the Akashic Records.


Coupling these two modalities creates an energetic synergy that amplifies your results and shatters the old paradigm that change is hard. 

Change CAN be easy. Change CAN be pleasurable. 

And with my proven approach, clients feel change the very next day.


Upgrade your physical being and enjoy sustained health.

Create more streams of effortless income with meaningful, purposeful work

Thrive in relationships that make you feel ALIVE again.

The applications of Full-Spectrum Therapy are endless. 

That means you are now boundless. 


The Journey


Before our first session, you will receive a calming, recorded hypnosis meditation. This recording will prepare you for an easy, relaxing, and successful hypnosis session.


Together we will meet your guides during a full Akashic Records session. This first session prepares you for your journey as you get to know your Guides and have the opportunity to enter into a dialogue with them.


Next is the Full-Spectrum Therapy™ session. This session lasts between three and four hours. You are in excellent, caring hands in the session as I act as your scout, leading you through the discovery process. It is not uncommon for clients to experience past lives previously unknown to them in the session.

No stone is left unturned until we are confident the release happened, and your subconscious mind is on-board to assist with your permanent transformation.


I will prepare and send a personalized hypnosis recording that is yours to keep and listen to for the next 21 days. During this time, working with your neuroplasticity, you will rewire and draw your new blueprint for life.


Now that your past is behind you and your mind is receptive, for the next 21 days, you will listen to a relaxing recording before you go to sleep that works like a healing balm soaking into dry skin. The transformation happens gently and cumulatively while you sleep. It’s almost effortless

No more wishing it could be easy. You are no longer fighting against yourself every single day, as you have for decades. There is no more starting over and over and over again.


Throughout the process, you will receive unlimited text support, suggestions for exercises to support your discovery, and a 30-minute call with your Akashic Records open at the conclusion of your journey.

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